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Jesse has not walked the well-traveled path of most singer/songwriters that came before him.  He didn’t get his start in the bar scene or even open mic nights at the local pub.  Instead, his journey began within the confines of community crafting lyrics out of the stories told by the folks around him. 

jesse crowe

He’s not famous and probably never will be.  In fact, he’s only known in a few small circles of people that have leaned in to listen over the years.  

Jesse is a campfire musician weaving raw, brutally honest lyrics that are both intimate and personal and leaves his listeners feeling the weight of their own existence.  With songs like Ode to the Boy, a lamentation for loss of innocence, and Mountains and Valleys written about the journey from heartbreak to healing, Jesse’s songs bring with them an invitation to embrace the story that you’ve found yourself in and hope that you’re never alone. 

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Jesse's newest album, "Good Sons" is available at the following retailers.

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musings from a good son

Love part 2: An Uncomfortable Celebration

Footprints...all through my house.  I stood in the middle of my living room, broom in hand, trying to sweep up the dirt from footprints left by 40 or 50 of my closets friends and family and the more I swept, the more my eyes filled with tears from the joy...

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Love: A Jealous Son

My soon to be 6 year old daughter, Tegan, has recently discovered that she has a lovely singing voice and as her dad, I couldn't be more excited and proud.  I've known for a while that she has an ear for music just from hearing her sing a long with the radio but its...

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Corey, inmate number..

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Corey .  He looked out of place and scared as he walked in wearing those loose fitting prison clothes.  He wasn't covered in tattoos like a lot of the other guys were and struck me as the kid that might bag my groceries at my...

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